Our Services

Founder- R. Moghim, M.D.

Moghim Medical Consulting Inc. was founded by Robert Moghim, M.D. due to the overwhelming demand for consultative services in the field of healthcare, including in the areas of clinical practice management, hospital systems, innovation and medical malpractice.  Our twenty (20+) plus years of combined expert consultative services help bring value to medical practices, healthcare systems and hospitals, by providing assistance with product development initiatives, medical legal inquiries and other strategic areas.            

Our Services:


Healthcare Systems/Hospitals– Strategy, Performance Improvement, Revenue Cycle, Risk/Regulatory/Compliance, Valuation & Financial Advisory.

Healthcare systems/hospitals need to be on their game in this ever changing and dynamic healthcare market.  Now more than ever before consistent and robust performance in clinical, operational, and financial results is ever more pressing.  Our consultants are here to help our clients focus, shape, and direct the right resources toward those actions that limit risk and increase the probability of success.

Physician Practices– Performance Improvement, Physician Compensation/Incentives, and Physician Alignment.

Medical practice management is in on the move.  The right partnerships and market strategy is becoming synonymous with practice success and quality of care results.  Our team of consultants can help navigate these waters and provide the right information to make the best informed decisions.

Mergers/Acquisitions– We assist third party teams (e.g. private equity or venture capital) assess healthcare opportunities from a non biased objective lens.

Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise.  The healthcare market has forced both insurers and healthcare systems to merge and become more robust in order to properly prepare for the new era of quality healthcare objectives.  Our team is available to assist in developing proper decision trees, algorithms and priority action items to mitigate risk associated with mergers and acquisitions.

Product Development/Concepts– Clinical Effectiveness, Product Safety/Testing, Clinical Trials and Implementation.

Believe it or not medical product innovation is on the rise.  There are many medical concepts that never see the light of day.  Our team of consultants can help properly guide that process from beginning to end.

Medical-Legal/Expert Witness– We provide medical advice in legal matters for both plaintiff and defense teams in a multitude of medical specialties.

With 35+ billion dollars spent annually as a result of direct costs to healthcare providers from medical malpractice liability and with median awards at 16 x times larger than the average awards across all other personal injury trials, it only makes sense to hire the best medical advisory team.  Results depend on it!  We offer assistance to both plaintiff and defense legal teams in a multitude of specialties.

Other- Call us to to see how we can help.

Healthcare providers, groups, and facilities can utilize MMC to help negotiate, represent, and mediate any challenges that may require a non biased third party perspective.  Our unique vantage point and vast experience can help navigate complex decision trees to make the best decision(s) possible.