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 Moghim Medical Consulting Inc. has joined forces with Thorne Research to promote healthy living.  You can now save on all Thorne Research nutritional supplement products and can access Thorne Research’s affiliated company – WellnessFX – for individualized health and wellness solutions.

For more than 32 years, Thorne Research has provided clinically researched, high quality, and therapeutically focused nutritional supplement products to consumers around the world. Thorne Research is the exclusive provider of nutritional supplement products to the Colorado Hospital Association.  Learn more how we are working together to improve health-care outcomes for Coloradans.

Available only to patients and affiliates associated with Moghim Medical Consulting Inc.  Sign In, or Join Now to receive the benefit.  If you are an affiliate or have an association with MMC you may use the discount code MMCOTHER in the ‘Coupon’ box to receive a 15% discount.  If you are a patient, please use the discount code MMCPATIENT instead.  There is free shipping for a limited time for all orders so act fast.

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If you are a patient or a consumer and you have a question about how to use a Thorne Research product, then please consult with your health-care practitioner.  Because Thorne Research’s customer service department and medical affairs department are not aware of individual health-related conditions or circumstances, Thorne Research is not able to make recommendations or offer advice.

A patient or a consumer should consult with his or her health-care practitioner before beginning any new nutritional supplement regimen.  This is particularly true when an individual has a liver or kidney condition, is pregnant or nursing, is taking a prescription medication, or is already taking other nutritional supplement products.

The Suggested Use for every Thorne Research product is listed on individual product pages at the SUGGESTED USE tab.

The presence of potential food allergens, if any, (such as soy, wheat, dairy, fish, etc.) for those Thorne Research products that contain them is listed on individual product pages at the WARNINGS tab.

Please note:  We do not provide information about an ingredient’s country of origin because no matter where an ingredient comes from in the world it meets the same ingredient specifications and undergoes the same testing for its purity, identity, and quality.